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STONEY COVE Join us for a dive!

Stoney Cove

We visit Stoney Cove every month (subject to availability).

It is a great place for us to do some training, but, if you just want to dive and blow some bubbles come along!
Even if you don't dive, you are more than welcome! it has more than enough accommodations to make you comfortable.

Every time we go, we have lots of fun! This is why so many come back with us.

We go down early Saturday morning, dive through the Saturday.
Then stay at a local hotel overnight to dive Sunday, and return in the evening.

This means you get the choice of if you would like to come down for both days, or just one.

Stoney Cove has some amazing sites to see!

Including boats, planes, a tank, cars, helicopters, a submarine and even the Loch Ness monster!